Panita S. is an artist whose work is deeply rooted in her love for nature. Originally from Bangkok, she now resides in Hasselt, Belgium, where she creates installations that engage the senses of smell and taste. Her academic background in communication design and sensory arts has given her a unique perspective on the power of the senses, especially the much-neglected olfactory sense.

Her art speaks to her fascination of the wilderness, and her unique ability to fuse the conventional with the wild, creating installations that transform spaces into immersing sensory experiences. She infuses her creations with botanical arrangements, edible installations, and fragrance stories that invite audiences to journey through the realms of memory and time.

Panita's work is an ode to the transience of the seasons, and to the fragile beauty of the natural world. Her experimental approach to art challenges conventions, as she constantly seeks alternative ways to sense and perceive the world.