'Climate Reality' An edible scape.

Whats ahead of us? Global Food production has created an immense impact on our planet earth on a grand scale. Mother nature has her way of communication to the planet earth and its habitats. Record-breaking temperature, Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide, extreme drought, floods and storms, melting arctic ice, and such radical natural evidence has delivered a vital message to us all.

‘Climate Reality' is an edible scape. It is a weather report of ever-changing climate shifts. The scape has prompted a rethink of food production and consumption. A storytelling through food as a medium, consisting of Translucent form of pandan agar agar as melting arctic ice, sculptural rice crisps as coral bleach which is a consequence of black pigmented condiment of a roasted sesame paste as coal mining, licorice root as deforestation & drought landscape, coconut tapioca pearls as microplastic in oyster, also tapioca crisps as nano plastic sediments. The edibles are all plant-based and vegan. The audiences are invited to taste and savour the edible installation.

The food is a collision of the multicultural composition of flavours, textures, shapes and forms. A fusion of taste from Southeast Asian & Western Europe reinterpreted in such context through research and experiments. The act of eating depicts an act of consuming. The project aims to raise an awareness of food production and Human Consumption of Natural Resources, creating ripples of the subconscious to counteract global warming through a confronted act that we do every day through consumption. This edible landscape conveys that eating is no longer a private matter, but a political act of change. As global food demand towards 2050 skyrockets, how can we contribute and tackle this universal challenge altogether?  

Nomination for Wanatoe Prize 2018