Multi-sensory Installation
Herkenrodekazerne Hasselt 2018

Multi-sensory Installation scented the space with its legumes and aaid fruits, including earthy elements. Using fruit battery, electricity conductivity as basic science experiment that everyone is familiar with since childhood. The idea is Fruits/ vegetables are the major source of energy and power. Fruits and vegetables with high acidity and potassiums act as an electrolyte and induces the energy to light up the tiny light bulb in the glass balls. Each bubbly-looking glass ball refers to a molecular compound of the odor or scent. The flash of light conveys the spark of endless potential and the unknown exploration that the fruits/ vegetables (food) elevate us to. The scent of hay, oakmoss & dirt were also incorporated in this site-specific artwork, tapping into the hidden fantasy within the realm.

The work is made possible with Glazenhuis, Lommel.
With kind gratitude to Peter de Cupere & Illse Van Roy