‘INGRAINED FLAVOUR’ Social Research Project

Part of Open Set 2018-2019, Fluid Rhythms programme for Amsterdam Zuidoost (Amsterdam Southeast)
Data visualization on paper & Flavour Schemes on laboratory glassware, 2019
Presented in The Symposium ‘On the practice of Tuning-in’ at Pakhuis De Zwijger on 8 Mar 2019.

In the project Ingrained Flavour, food is used as a medium that interconnects society and provokes conversations on the subjects of colonial histories, relocation, heritage and rituals. I delve into Bijlmermeer (Amsterdam Zuidoost) from the historical background of food culture, diversity and multiculturalism, which I observe and investigate. Interwoven patterns of diversity are analysed and interpreted into the form of data visualization, presenting a storytelling of historical, personal, economic and cultural rhythms within the foodscape, specifically focused on Suriname food culture. The characteristic mixture of flavours in Surinamese cuisine are infused as part of the Dutch post-colonized realm.

I would like to personally thank Surinaams Buffet Catering, Candice and Mavis Hofwijk, and Astrid Blank for the generous conversations that became the informational basis of this project. With kind gratitude.

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