Micro Season
Ongoing project 2023 in collaboration with Emile van Doren Museum (Genk, BE)

In Western European, ther are 4 distinctive seasons: Autumn-Winter & Spring-Summer. Meanwhile, across the continent, the ancient East Asian calendar has different way to capture climate patterns. Historically, Eastern calendar divide the whole year into for example 24 seasons (Chinese calendar) or even 72 micro seasons (Japanese calendar). These calendars are made to mark the passing of time and to understand the small shifts in nature. This subtle transition happens thanks to dynamic rhythms in nature. With this project, I would like to introduce the concept of micro seasons in the Western context. As a different way to illustrate the ever-changing landscape of nature other than the conventional 4 seasons point of view that we all are familiar with. 

A sensory interpretation per a micro season
In a year/ a collection of 24 artworks in total.

Each artwork per micro season can be resulted in various medium;
a recipe/ menu
a reflection/ thought
a botanical visual 
a scent installation/ sensory sculpture

In the end, artworks are collected and presented in a form of an archive, to be expected - end of 2023.
Work in progress at IG tenderlyarchive

Botanical firework, 21.12.22-03.01.23