The idea of Tenderly booklet organically formed itself during the emergence of COVID-19. That slow downtime condition allowed us to tone down our paces, adjust our rhythm in life, this book is a result of that slow time on the foraging journal, and research in my local territory.

Tenderly is an alternative publication aiming to reconnect ourselves with nature and to induce more dialogues over urban foraging in the modern era. It is a documented journal on plant kingdom in Limburg urbanscape in Belgium through the non-native perspective. It is an open investigation exploring wild European plants through Southeast Asian cultural standing points. The booklet featured a collection of research journal through closed observations, learning process, personal reflections, culinary experiments, focused on practical research.

Content by Panita S.
Graphic design by Delphine Lejeune
Photography by Panita S. & Sauro Capozza 

Edition of 50 copies
Risograph by Witti Studio
Size: 19.5 x 26.5 cm
88 pages

Risograph posters series printed on superfine eggshell 216 gsm.
Available in limited editions.

Pre-order at studiopanita@gmail.com

First launched in Bangkok art book fair co-op project and currently featured in a mini-exhibition in Bookshop library at Bangkok citycity gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
Featured in Bookmark magazine (TH) and Mold Magazine (US) and exhibited in Dutch Design Week 2020 (NL).