TENDERLY Finassage & Wine tasting
Robijn wijnbar, Genk, BE
15 Jul - 1 Aug 2021

An ode to foraging

In the 'Tenderly' exhibition, Panita S. presented her exploration of Limburg's natural landscape through her perspective. On-site research & culinary experiment from edible local wild plants, resulting in a book, a fermentation collection, the wild plant archive and a series of risoprints. Collaboration in visual design with Delphine Lejeune and photography with Sauro Capozza. Wild treats made by the artist were served in the finissage paired with natural and biodynamic wine tasting selected by Robijn wine bar.


Wild treats with natural wine pairing

- 1 -

Wild Onigiri filled with umeboshi wrapped in local grape leaves
lightly dyed in shades of butterfly pea
topped with sheep sorrel and sesame seeds
Riesling Weingut Schmitt

- 2 -

Mexican spiced chickpea chili 
served with pickled wild magnolia blossom in red wine vinegar
Vino Di Anna Palmento 

*Both treats are plant-based.*


With a support from Stiemervallei & Stad Genk.